After Hours Party


$200 Facility Fee + Group Rate

Late Night Party


$275 Facility Fee + Group Rate

All Night Party


$350 Facility Fee + Group Rate



  • 7-15 climbers: $17 per climber (max of 5 non-climbing belayers)
  • 16-30 climbers: $16 per climber (max of 9 non-climbing belayers)
  • 31+ climbers: $15 per climber (max of 3:1 climber/belayer ratio)

After Hours events pay the same group rate as our normal group package, but receive an extra hour of climbing.

Each event includes:

  • 3 hours of climbing
  • Harness rental
  • Group Belay Instruction (for climbers/participants 14 years or older)
  • DVD Player, Projector, PA System & Screen for movies (bring your own or browse through our collection of climbing DVDs), video games or slide shows
  • Space for sleeping or quiet activities

All Lock-Ins have a $400 minimum charge, require a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance and require a $100 deposit payable through our website or at The Crag. **All times 1 hour earlier for Saturday & Sunday parties.