Youth Climbing Programs

Crag Community: Samantha & Alex from The Crag on Vimeo.

In a fun and engaging environment, The Crag offers youth climbing programs for kids ages 4-16. Students in our programs will improve their confidence and learn valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and personal and group responsibility. Our curriculum has been developed to introduce newcomers to the fundamentals of rock climbing through games and drills. For intermediate and advanced climbers, our movement based training will keep them motivated and eager to improve their technical skills. We also periodically offer free clinics to parents to introduce them to a sport that is very beneficial for the whole family. The goal of our youth programs is to develop and foster an enthusiasm for rock climbing in the younger generation.

  • Kids Club for 4-6 year old climbers
  • Junior Bighorn for 7-10 year old climbers
  • Bighorn Society Youth Climbing Team for 10-16 year old climbers
  • Climbing Summer Camp for 6-12 year old climbers
  • Climbing Instruction for all ages

Bighorn Society

The Crag’s youth climbing team is a great way for young climbers to develop, not only as climbers, but as citizens and students of their communities. Bighorn Society is fun, affordable, and allows climbers to develop at a pace appropriate for their age and interest level, with the help of a team of coaches. Our goal is to create strong “citizen climbers” who put just as much focus on school work and community service as they do on climbing. The team is open to 10-16 year old climbers of all ability and experience levels. Visit our Bighorn Society page for more information.

Junior Bighorn

Junior Bighorn is The Crag’s introduction to training for climbing for 7-10 year old climbers. The goal of Junior Bighorn is to develop and foster an enthusiasm for rock climbing in the younger generation. Each week, climbers work with coaches on improving overall fitness and climbing technique through age appropriate exercises and activities. Visit our Junior Bighorn page for more information.

Kids Club

The Crag Kids Club is designed specifically to handle the energy and attention span of 4-6 year old climbers. Under the encouraging and watchful eye of our trained staff, this after school program is a great introduction to climbing. Each session includes climbing and climbing-based games and activities. Visit our Kids Club page for more information.

Summer Camp

Climbing Summer Camp is a week full of exciting and challenging fun for all kids between the ages of 6 & 12. Campers will spend time each day learning basic climbing technique, climbing commands and rock climbing knots, all while participating in climbing based activities & games. We’ll provide a healthy snack & drink each day, and will have a surprise for campers on the final day.


If you have any questions about our youth programs and sibling discounts, email Matt today!