The More You Know

Winter Shoe Picks

Winter is coming and we know you all are ready for those perfect climbing temperatures! Are you ready with the right shoes? Check out this guide on our top picks for climbing shoes this winter!   Evolv Spark   A … Read More

De-Stinkify Your Shoes

Our friends over at The Clymb gave some awesome tips on how to rid your climbing shoes of that oh-so-familiar nasty smell you’ve been cooking up. Read below to find some ways to fight it.   Dragon foot. The sweet, … Read More

Training Tips : Incorporating Yoga with Climbing

In this edition of training tips, we wanted to shed some light on how well yoga and climbing compliment each other. First, did you know that yoga compliments rock climbing? Prepare to gain some knowledge from Cayce Pegram, manager of … Read More

Partner Profile : Mountain High Outfitters

We wanted to take some time out to spotlight one of our Crag Community Partners, Mountain High Outfitters. Originally out of Alabama, they expanded into Tenneessee in 2013 and have been growing ever since. Carrying a wide variety of products … Read More

The More You Know – Clean Your Crag

The good folks at REI recently posted an article about the five things that damaging our climbing areas. They were kind enough to point out more than the problems and give ideas to help find solutions. Our climbing areas are … Read More

The More You Know – The Pact

  The Access Fund recently teamed up with Black Diamond to launch a new education program called ROCK Project. Follow this link to learn more about ROCK Project’s focus and to take The Pact.

THE MORE YOU KNOW – Spotting When Bouldering

  We in middle Tennessee love our bouldering. So we all know, or should know, the importance of a good spotter. Rock and Ice published an article as part of their Climb Safe series explaining how to spot while bouldering. … Read More

THE MORE YOU KNOW – Safe Top Roping

  Rock and Ice publishes a great series on safe climbing practices. They recently published a great article on the effect of a climbers fall on top rope anchors. Check it out here.

The More You Know – Rope Markings

  Knowing where the middle of your rope is is always handy knowledge. If you are in the market for a new rope, or have one you’ve been using for a while, having a way to find the center point … Read More

The More You Know – Watch Your Harness

  Your harness has one task: to save your life. It is no surprise then that it is very important to take care of it. The good folks over at Black Diamond encountered a curious case which gave us all … Read More