From the Field

SoiLL Comes to South Nashville

Our good friends over at SoiLL came by the South Nashville location to get video & pictures of their latest holds and a few of their new products in action. Check out some of the stills we got from the … Read More

A Little Girl and a Life Lesson

This is a guest post from Michael Kidder, one of the behind-the-scenes folks at The Crag. It initially appeared on his LinkedIn profile, and he’s been kind enough to let us share it with you. Enjoy! -Newton THE STAGE: Last … Read More

From The Field: Ode To LRC

  In early January, while out of school for the holidays, Zach Edwards, Darden Shadrach, Alex Wiseman and myself made the drive to Stone Fort in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. As many of you who are more familiar with climbing know, … Read MoreRead More

American Bouldering Series 16 – Divisionals

Divisionals for the 16th American Bouldering Series Begin tomorrow. Four members of The Crag’s Bighorn Society, Reed Boeger, Boone McClellan, Elisa Aguerrevere, and Christian Bortz, will be traveling along with Bighorn’s Head Coach, Ben Rankin, to Charlotte, NC to compete. We … Read More

From The Field: Getting On The Sharp End

In this edition of From The Field, one of our staff belayers, Alaina Krakowiak, gives us her thoughts on her first experience with lead climbing a few weeks ago. We’re sure you’ll enjoy her tale from the sharp end as … Read MoreRead More

From The Field: Castle Rock Trail Day

Crag Staff Belayer Alaina Krakowiak ventured out to Castle Rock a few weeks ago for a trail day with the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. She wrote about her experience for this edition of From The Field. If you have an upcoming … Read MoreRead More

From The Field: Seek and You Shall Find

Chad and some friends recently took a trip east to Sheeps Bluff, an area near Cookeville that’s been tentatively explored by climbers since the late 90s. He snapped some pics and gave us a thorough report on his trip in … Read MoreRead More

Weekend Inspiration: Shared Vision

In 1993 a group of climbers banded together to work with the National Parks Service to resolve access issues to climbing areas at Sunset Rock in Chattanooga, TN. Calling themselves the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, they recruited other climbers and started … Read More

Be Prepared: Tick-Borne Diseases

    You may have seen this article on our Facebook page earlier this month about a new tick-borne virus called the Heartland Virus. In my book, ticks are the scariest thing about any outdoor trip. They’re tiny, they hang … Read MoreRead More

From The Field: Meeting The Master

  Chris Sharma is widely recognized as one of the world’s strongest, most accomplished and most groundbreaking climbers. Based on my experience a couple of months ago, I would say he’s also the most popular. … Read More