Give Us Names


With this year’s Ubuntu Charity Competition we are supporting Give Us Names.  Admittedly, we were a little wary of pairing up with this organization when it was first suggested for this year’s event. We did not see the connection between Colombian farmers and Tennessee climbers. So we got our hands on a copy of their documentary that follows the experience of a family that was displaced from their farm. After learning more of their story, things started clicking. This family carried a passion for farming, much like the one we carry for climbing. Could we help families like them return to their homes? The whole mission behind Ubuntu was suddenly right in front of us: doing what we love so we can help others do what they love. We decided we needed to meet the guys behind Give Us Names to hear their stories. Newton and I were lucky enough to set up a meeting with Dan and Ryan, two of the founders the next week. Long story short, a few hours and a few beers later we had new friends that we were eager to help. This very experience is what Give Us Names is about – connecting with people through their stories and in turn extending a helping hand to those in need. We encourage everyone to participate in this year’s Ubuntu Charity Climbing Event so you can learn the stories of the Colombian farmers and as a community of climbers help a family get back to what they love.

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