Group Climbing Events and Team Building

Climbing as a group provides great opportunities to grow together as a whole unit. Though climbing appears to be an ‘individual’ sport, a great deal depends on the support and encouragement of those around you. Youth groups, clubs, sports teams, and corporate teams can all use climbing as an adventurous way to create comradery amongst its members.  We gladly provide the tools groups need to host a well planned climbing event, and are eager to help make it memorable.


Group Rates:

  • Up to 15 Climbers: $250 (includes harness rental and 2 Staff Belayers)
  • 5 Additional Climbers: $80
  • Groups of 40+: Call for custom quote


Group Extras:

  • Belay Class: $9; 14 years or older. Class participants must arrive an hour before scheduled group time.
  • Shoe Rental: $5.50
  • Chalk Bag Rental: $3
  • Staff Belayer: $25 (reservation required)
  • Catering options available


Each two hour group session includes two staff belayers, an auto belay orientation for participants 12 & older, harness rental and climbing. To expedite the check-in and payment process, we require that Group Climbing Packages be paid for as a whole, rather than individually.


Participant Agreement:

Don’t forget that all participants under the age of 18 MUST have a participant agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to climb or belay! Click “Sign Waiver” at the bottom of this page to complete our digital waiver.



Need invitations? We have free, pre-made, invitations ready for you to use.

You can print them to card stock and mail them just like a postcard.


Please Note: Groups of 40 or more may incur a $100 facility fee if we need to close early in order to safely host your event.