Youth Climbing Programs and Clubs

Youth Climbing Programs & Clubs

In a fun and engaging environment, The Crag offers youth climbing programs for kids ages 4 and older. Students in our programs will improve their confidence and learn valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and personal and group responsibility. Our curriculum has been developed to introduce newcomers to the fundamentals of rock climbing through games and drills. For intermediate and advanced climbers, our movement based training will keep them motivated and eager to improve their technical skills. We also periodically offer free clinics to parents to introduce them to a sport that is beneficial for the whole family. The goal of our youth programs is to develop and foster an enthusiasm for rock climbing in the younger generation.


Wee Rock
Age 3-5

Do you have a 3–5 year old who climbs on everything? Let your little one scale our walls! Bring in your tiny climber to Wee Rock for some climbing, movement, and fun!
Wee Rock is a 6-week series for little climbers and their parents to explore balance, improve coordination, and learn the basics of climbing – including technique, safety, communication, and awareness.

Elementary League
Age 6-11

If your young athlete is passionate about climbing or simply curious to explore organized training, this ongoing program is the perfect starting point. Our curriculum prioritizes safety, technique, and terminology, ensuring that your budding climbers learn the fundamentals of the sport while building the necessary tools to progress. Join us today and watch your child soar to new heights in the exciting world of climbing!

Middle School League
Age 12-14

This exceptional ongoing program is ideal for beginners and those eager to delve into the realm of organized training. Our expert coaches not only focus on safety, technique, and terminology, but they also empower climbers with the invaluable skills of reading routes and strategizing for problem-solving. With our comprehensive curriculum, your young climbers will master the fundamentals of climbing while gaining the confidence and knowledge to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Embark on this incredible journey with us and witness your child’s passion for climbing reach new heights!

High School League
Age 15-18

Welcome to The Crag’s High School Climbing Team, the ultimate platform for aspiring climbers! Whether you’re an experienced climber or new to the sport, our program is designed to meet your needs. Our dedicated coaches will not only teach you the art of climbing, but also essential skills like belaying, ensuring your growth while scaling new heights.

age 12-18

This program is for our most dedicated and driven youth climbers. Part of a registered USAC Competition Team, we train our Comp Team Climbers to strong of mind, heart, and body, in order to achieve their goals as climbers and exceed their limits in a competitive setting. They are challenged by each other and our certified coaches to surpass their climbing potential, taught to train physically and mentally for nationally recognized competitions, and pushed to be responsible stewards of our team, our gym, and the climbing community.

Seasonal Camps

Reach new heights at one of our seasonal Crag Climbing Camps! We will help our campers engage their minds and their muscles as they learn knot-tying skills, climbing safety, and climbing techniques. We strive to emphasize the importance of communication, building trust, and confidence on and off the walls. Your climbers will be sure to build friendships, memories, and confidence with us at a fun-filled week at The Crag. We offer camps each season. See below for the next camp available!

Upcoming Camps

Clubs and Teams


The Crag’s Recreational Leagues are a wonderful starting point for any young athlete interested in climbing. This 9-week program introduces kids of any demographic to the fundamentals of climbing, and allows them to explore organized training in a low-pressure environment. The curriculum of the program focuses on technique and endurance, giving climbers the basic tools they need to progress in the sport, while forming community within their class.


The Crag’s climbing club program offers area high school climbing clubs a place to climb, as well as a resource to gain further knowledge about the sport. Your club will be taking advantage of our climbing facility at your designated time while practicing the disciplines of top roping and bouldering. In addition to climbing, club members will also be offered discounts on instructional classes provided by our coaches. These classes help develop technique and give your club a sense of community as you work together, encouraging and motivating each other through rock climbing.


If your kid crusher is new to climbing, we have leagues which focus on building the fundamental techniques and knowledge to start rounding out their introduction to the sport – our Recreational Leagues! For ages 6-12, Rec Leagues are a 9-week series of classes which create a sturdy foundation for beginner climbers. We have a standard Rec League, a Homeschool Rec League during the day, a Teen Rec League for ages 13 & up, and an Adaptive Rec League for climbers with physical or developmental disabilities, cognitive disorders, physical impairments, and/or neurodivergent conditions.  


If your kid isn’t quite old enough for Rec Leagues, but still wants to move and groove on the wall, we also have a Wee Rock series that runs for 6-weeks for ages 3-5.


If your climber has a solid foundation of experience already, or perhaps has already taken one of our other programs, you can think about signing them up for our Youth Team! With the option to practice 1, 2, or 3 times per week, team climbers strengthen their fundamental skills, explore advanced techniques and climbing concepts, and work towards long-term climbing goals, physical and mental strength, and being a part of a community! Teams run year-round and are always attached to a gym membership, so your climber can come crush outside of practice too!


For those climbers who have been training hard for a sustained, consistent amount of time, our USAC Competitive Team awaits! Whether they’re transferring from another USAC team elsewhere, ascending up the ladder of our own Youth Programs, or have trained in their own manner and feel the competition bug, climbers who are interested in our Comp Team can connect with our Head Coach and programming department about trying out to be a USAC climber!

If your climber is curious about the USA league, talk to their coach and we’ll schedule an evaluation. Email [email protected] to learn more.

Depending on which program your climber is a part of, there will either be a one-time payment for a series of classes, or monthly payments for a team membership.


The Wee Rock series is $99 for 6 weeks of classes


Recreational Leagues are all $199 for 9 weeks of classes


Youth and USAC Teams both require climbers to have a gym membership, which bills monthly for $75 (please contact the front desk for other offerings for family, add-ons, etc.). In addition, team climbers pay monthly dues depending on how many days/week they attend practice, though sibling discounts do apply!

All of The Crag’s youth programs follow the Davidson County School schedule for holidays and inclement weather. If school is not in session, we will not be offering programs that day.

Belay certified parents are welcome to help belay! The more belayers, the more kids climb!

If you do not know how to belay, or you are not yet certified at our gym, please inquire with your coach or the front desk staff about our classes and belay check-offs!

Age restrictions are in place for both bouldering and belaying on top-rope. Climbers in youth programs may work towards being granted privileges outside of The Crag’s restrictions. Coaches must approve and note your climber’s privileges in their profiles. Talk to your climber’s coach about how to work towards these certifications.  

All climbers will need to use climbing harnesses and shoes during Youth Programming. Our staff is happy to outfit your climber. Rental gear packages are also available to add to your account for use outside of programming, and personal gear is available for purchase in our shop.

The Crag hosts local competitions throughout the year, and all climbers in Youth Programming are invited to sign up for our Youth Divisions! However, Rec League and Team Climbers are not required to compete – we believe climbing is an individual experience and should serve the climber in the ways that they are most comfortable! USAC Competition Team climbers are, however, required to attend two Qualifying Events per year on the team.

For all of our Youth Competitions, some sort of prize is allotted for the climbers who place! Prizes vary depending on the competition.

With the exception of summer break, all of The Crag’s youth programs follow the Metro Nashville Public School schedule for holidays and inclement weather. If school is not in session, we will not be offering programs that day. Individual days off will sometimes be replaced by a School’s Out Day Camp.


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