Climb Time Tunes: Summer Trips

I have always been a fan of the summer road trip. Other than the good company, one of the most important ingredients is the soundtrack. In my search for inspiration to make a summer playlist I kept finding myself thinking about all the time spent in the car driving to and from climbing destinations. As a result, you have a collection of songs that I think make up the perfect Summer Trip Soundtrack. The car ride is the perfect time for the much needed mental preparation before a climbing session. Whether I am headed to the gym or on an outdoor trip, preparing my mental game with music has become crucial to that days enjoyment.  These specific tunes are selections from bands I have loved the last few years, months, days, and minutes. I encourage you all to explore these bands further, as this is only a taste. It was a pleasure creating this month’s Climb Time Tunes with you all in mind; I can only hope it helps fuel your summer adventures to all versions of the crag.




Listen here.

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