Climb Time Tunes: Senior Summer


This year, five of our stellar staff members (Chris, Dylan, Jacob, Katie, and Will) graduated from high school. These kids have been such a strong force over the years and we could not be more proud to have witnessed them grow up into outstanding young citizens of climbing. This next installment of Climb Time Tunes is a compilation of their song choices that sum up their feelings on this transitional summer. Below they have shared a quick word on their song choices.

Will: 615, California Sunrise, Street Fighting Man

615 makes me think of how great Nashville is and will always be. I know I will miss it greatly, but I am proud I can call it home. California Sunrise makes me think of summertime, the beach, summertime, bonfires, summertime, and good friends. “Cause summer is here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy”, this about says it all. Summer is here and adventure is waiting with open arms.”


Katie: World at Large, Dog Days are Over, Don’t you (Forget About Me)

“The reasons why I chose these songs can be found in the lyrics, I guess. They all just really resonate with me as I move on to California, all of the uncertainty and excitement combined. The change is inevitable, but it is certainly to be celebrated”


Jacob: I Got Mine, Looking Out My Back Door, Filipino Box Spring Hog

“I guess all of these songs evoke a desire for action, expressing the excitement and anticipation of all of the changes in my near future”


Chris: My Way, Suit & Tie, Ring of Fire

“When I think about music that means something to me I think about Johnny Cash. He’s one of the only artists that I’ve consistently enjoyed since I was a very young and  I’m excited to continue to jam to his tunes all throughout college and after that! It’s exciting to look forward to where my future is bringing me through college but at the same time I find it important to look back at the good ole days of high school and no song helps me reminisce more than Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Needless to say I’ll be listening to it a lot this summer.”


Dylan: The Wolves, House of Cards, Mrs. Cold

“It’s so crazy how we can associate a song with memories. Each one of these songs was selected because I can remember specific times spent listening to them. They bring back memories of summer drives, campfire sing-alongs, and good friends. All of these songs have stuck with me as some of the best I’ve heard in the past few years.”


Listen here.

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