Around The Crag: Kate and Calvin Webster

We want to highlight the people that make up our growing community at The Crag, so we’ve introduced a feature on the blog called Around The Crag. Every few weeks we’ll highlight one of our members, giving you a chance to get to know them a little better. This month we have Kate and Calvin Webster. Kate and Calvin have been setting and achieving their climbing goals for several months now at The Crag. Be sure to read their interview below and get to know them a little better. 

Kate & Calvin Webster


1. Where are you from?

Kate: Born and raised in Kansas City, KS. I am a big KU basketball fan!

Calvin: I was born just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, but lived in Kansas City for most of my life.

2. How long have you been climbing?

Kate: I’ve been climbing for about 3 months, with zero previous experience.

Calvin: Depends on what you mean!  I got into trouble a lot as a kid for climbing things, mainly trees.  I’ve really only been rock climbing since April, so about six months.

3. What do you love most about rock climbing?

Kate: Well, lemme tell ya, I sure didn’t love rock climbing when I first started. I thought it was a dumb sport (probably because I was pretty terrible). However, with rock climbing it’s really easy to see your progress, even if it’s slow progress. That is what I like most about it, if you stick with it, you’ll see your progress as you learn the sport, and sure enough, it becomes really fun! I love top-roping and bouldering.

Calvin: It’s hard to beat the feeling of sending a great route or problem that’s right at the top of your ability, but I also love the community that surrounds rock climbing.  I’ve never encountered another sport where you run into strangers who are so friendly, helpful, and encouraging.


Kate & Calvin Webster


4. Other than climbing, what are your hobbies and interests?
Kate: I am taking a weekly Spanish class from Spanish Lessons with Emily D. I also enjoy baking bread and cooking dinner for my friends.
Calvin: I’m a pretty serious amateur mixologist.  Kate and I kind of informally run a weekly community dinner, so cooking and drink-pairing for that is pretty great.  And even though music is my full time job, I still consider it a hobby in many ways.
5. Favorite song right now?
Kate: Calvin told me about a band called Lucius and it’s safe to say I’ve become pretty obsessed. My favorite song from their album is called “Don’t Just Sit There.” Side note: if you saw me at their show at 3rd & Lindsley I was probably singing along and dancing like a crazy person.
Calvin: I’ve been listening to a lot of Robert Ellis lately.  I’m really loving “Westbound Train.”
6. What is the name of your autobiography?
Kate: “Ramble: The Story of Kate Webster”
Calvin: “Stank Face: Smells Bad, Tastes Good”
7. What is always in your fridge?
Kate: At least one (more like 10) bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola. Real cane sugar, baby.
Calvin: Honestly, butter.  Mainly because we cook and bake a lot, and because butter is God’s gift to mankind.


Kate & Calvin Webster


8. Vacation time: mountains or beach? Please Explain.
Kate: I imagine this isn’t the most popular answer among rock climbers, but c’mon, who has ever lived their entire life in land locked states and still prefers the mountains? I jump at any opportunity to go to the sea. My spirit animal is a mermaid.
Calvin: Mountains.  But I’m not talking Mount Everest or anything super masochistic like that.  I’m talking 60 degrees and fresh mountain air with sweeping views of dramatic landscapes with some excellent climbing and hiking to be done.  Incidentally, this question may or may not be a serious bone of contention between Kate and myself.
9. If you are on instagram or twitter, you can share your usernames here.
Kate: @websterkates
Calvin: You can find me on both platforms under @calviniswebster.



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