Membership Rewards Program

Member Benefits


We are excited to announce our new rewards program with Spring Rewards.


You can sign up for our loyalty program on the tablet at The Crag or online.

All you need to do is register your email and debit or credit card. Once you’ve spent $500 at The Crag, you’ll get $50 credit back into your account. This includes food and drink, memberships, gear, camps, instruction…EVERYTHING.


It is compatible with Amex, Visa, MasterCard. Register all your cards (up to 17) under one email address, so you can use them interchangeably and build rewards.


Every time you make a purchase, you’ll get a notification (via email) stating your rewards balance. Once you get to $500, you will get a notification stating that on your next purchase, a $50 credit will direct deposit into your account (of the card you use on that following purchase). Minimum purchase to redeem your $50 reward is $25. Three to four business days after this purchase, you will see a $50 credit into your account from Spring Marketplace.


By joining The Crag’s loyalty program and Spring, you are also eligible for special offers from The Crag and other local businesses in the Middle Tennessee area.


Check out Spring Rewards for other businesses and more info.


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