Tim Rose Armistice v11



Have you ever asked yourself “How the heck are they sticking to the wall like that,” covered your kids’ ears when you heard terms like “heel hook or toe hook,” or perhaps marveled at the physiques of climbers like Chris Sharma or Alex Puccio? (Let’s be honest, who hasn’t?)

If you have pondered any or all of these quandaries, then September 13th is your lucky day! Get training tips to get you PUMPED, learn techniques used by professional athletes to send their rigs…and if there is time…HAVE FUN. (Fun is loosely based on personal experience and cannot be guaranteed during this KILLER clinic.)


Tim Rose at Dark Horse Bouldering Comp



The Crag is hosting a training and technique clinic with professional climber and all around great guy Tim Rose on Saturday, September  13th from 10AM to to 12PM. The cost of the clinic is just $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so register today!


Bring your tennis shoes, climbing shoes, a pair of shorts and an extra set of underdrawers!


Tim Rose

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