Bighorn Society Firewood and Coffee Fundraiser




The Crag’s youth climbing team is raising money to help cover the cost of registration and travel expenses for this year’s American Bouldering Series with firewood and coffee sales.

Firewood is available by the bundle ($5), 1/4 truck load ($50), 1/2 truck load ($85), and full truck load ($135). All wood is of high quality and suitable for burning in late Fall and Winter. The firewood will be split by Bighorn Society members, their parents and coaches on Oct 25 and delivered on Oct 25th and 26th. We’ll deliver half and full truck loads; smaller quantities may be picked up from The Crag on October 26th.


If you don’t need firewood this year, but just need a good cup of coffee for those cold winter mornings, Bighorn Society has you covered there as well. Thanks to Mayfly Coffee in Signal Hill, TN, we’re selling locally roasted coffee this year. We’re offering two different blends: Bighorn Brew and Crag Three Peak Blend.





Silky smooth and mellow…Bighorn Brew is the perfect choice to wake up to before a day on the rock (and the other 5 days a week). This coffee was created using only premium 100% shade grown high elevation arabica organic beans. Bighorn brew is available in 12 oz bags; $13 per bag (4 bags for $48).





Bold, spicy and aggressive (like your climbing style), Three Peak Blend will get you off the ground and climbing! This coffee was created using only premium 100% shade grown high elevation arabica organic beans. Three peak blend is available in 12 oz bags and Quick Brew Pouches; $13 per bag (4 bags for $48), 5 pouches for $10 (15 bags for $27).


If you’d like to place an order for coffee or firewood, please call Newton or TK at 615-661-9444 or email TK today. Thank you for supporting climbing and your local climbing community!

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