Around The Crag – Matt Loshin

 We want to highlight the people that make up our growing community at The Crag. Starting this month we are going to use Around The Crag as a chance for you to get to know the staff. First up is the Jackhammer of Positivity: Matt Loshin. Check out his interview below.


1. Where are you from?

Evansville, IN

2. How long have you been climbing?

 I’ve been climbing since 2009, so I’d say roughly 5 years on and off again.

3. What do you love most about rock climbing?

What I love most about rock climbing is the creativity. There isn’t always a specific way to get up to the top, so by pairing your mind, your own climbing skills, and what you have around you, climbing will/can always be a different experience every time.

4. Other than climbing, what are your hobbies and interests?


Other than climbing, I spend a lot of my time DJng under my project SUIT UP!. Between making our mixes, helping in production with my other half Willy G, and playing shows all around TN, it keeps me quite busy. Besides that, I spend a lot of time researching/reading about my favorite author Jack Kerouac and The Beat Generation. Oh, and beer. I work at the local brewery Turtle Anarchy and it has definitely opened my eyes even more to how beer is made and all the different styles. You can never have enough beer.




5. Do you have a spirit animal? If so, what is it and why?


Hmm, spirit animal. Sorry I’m not a hippie. Kidding. But really I don’t have one.

6. Sir Edmund HIllary or Tanzig Norgay? Please defend.

From what I read and put together, probably Tenzig Norgay. He seems like a humble guy and instead of doing numerous other crazy achievements like Sir Edmund Hilary, decided to set up the first guiding business in the Everest region. Pretty cool.


7. What is the name of your autobiography?


Yes, My Last Name is Loshin – The Full Account of America’s Favorite Lotion, Matt Loshin.


8. Do you prefer the smell of fresh cut grass or burning leaves? Please explain.

Burning leaves is without a doubt my jam. Reminds me of the fall season, which just so happens to be my favorite.

9. Are you on instagram, twitter, etc.? If so, how can people find you?


Yup, all of my social media is mainly for my music project. So if you have any interest in seeing pictures of cats, beer, my shows, places I climb, and that jazz, my Instagram is matt_loshin . Twitter is under SUITUP151.
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