Around The Crag – Dylan Mikres

The Crag isn’t just a place to climb, it’s a place built around community. Today we are featuring Dylan Mikres, a member of both our staff and our family. Take a look at his interview to learn more about him.


1. Where are you from?

Land O’ Lakes, Florida

2. How long have you been climbing?

Probably about three years.

3. What do you love most about rock climbing?

The community. It’s rare with any sport or hobby to find such a encouraging, kind, and supportive community that you find with climbing.


4. Other than climbing, what are your hobbies & interests?

Telling terribly cheesy jokes, trying to play bass, camping, fishing, going to concerts, riding my bike, kayaking, and I’m interested in learning to make prints.

5. What’s your favorite food?

Currently chimichangas. I regret not trying them earlier in my life.

6. Vacation time: mountains or beach? Defend your answer…

There’s a time and place for both. The beach is nice for approximately two days at a time in the summer. Other times I’d choose the mountains. There’s a much larger variety of activities out there.

7. Describe your ideal climbing day in a tweet (140 characters or less).

Wake up, cook some bacon, pack up the tent, climb hard with my friends, hike out, make a nice fire, repeat the next day.


8. Favorite outdoor climbing spot?

I guess I most frequently go to LRC or Kings Bluff. I like Foster Falls a lot because it’s got some incredible climbing and you get to cool off in the falls after.

9. Are you on Twitter/Instagram/etc? If so, how can people find you?

I only have Facebook. You can add me if you feel inclined. Dylan Mikres is the name.

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