Around The Crag – Dion Pankratz

In this edition of Around The Crag, we wanted to highlight one of our route setters, Dion Pankratz. Get to know him more by reading below!




1. Where are you from?

Born in Virginia but raised in your backyard.


2. How long have you been climbing?

I started climbing in 2000.   A few years here and there were missed do to injury, travel, and just plan ole’ rebellion.  I have been steady on the horse now for the last 3 years.


3. What do you love most about rock climbing?

The feeling you get when sending a project that you know is past your level.  It’s like a mystical creature that only shows itself once in a blue moon, but when you spot it, it’s mind blowing!


4. Other than climbing, what are your hobbies and interests?
Gardening, crafting brews, and loving on my family.
5. Do you have a spirit animal? If so, what is it and why?
White Lion. Quiet, beastly, you want to snuggle with it, but you respect it and secretly are afraid of pissing it off.


6. Sir Edmund HIllary or Tanzig Norgay? Please defend.
Tanzing because he’s a Sherpa.  And you don’t get the title of Sherpa by fiddling around.


7. What is the name of your autobiography?
Removing the veil.


8. Do you prefer the smell of fresh cut grass or burning leaves? Please explain.
Burning leaves only because fresh cut grass makes my nose run and my eyes water.


9. Are you on instagram, twitter, etc.? If so, how can people find you?
No. I’m social medialess. I have a facebook that has cobwebs on it.
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