First Time Climber

First Time Climbing at The Crag

All Climbers Welcome.

Climbing can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. One of the best ways to start your climbing career is in a controlled environment like that of an indoor climbing facility. We are often the first climbing experience for many who walk through our door, and find value in the opportunity to introduce a variety of people to the sport.


Bouldering, Top Roping & Auto Belay

Top Roping requires two people and is the best option for those new to the sport.  As you climb, your partner belays from the ground, keeping the rope tight and ensuring your safety. This requires a harness. While climbing shoes are not required, your experience will benefit from shoes that don’t slip on your way up the wall.  In order to belay, climbers must be 14 or older and are required to either take a belay lesson or test out by demonstrating the proper technique.


Bouldering is climbing that stays lower to the ground and does not require a rope or harness. You will climb over crash pads as your friends spot to help you land safely.  This style requires simple safety instruction and reasonable physical condition. No gear is required, though we do recommend climbing specific shoes.


Auto Belay is a great option for climbers who don’t have a partner, parents bringing in multiple children for a day of climbing, or for people who simply want to experience climbing without taking a belay lesson. We have four auto belay units, each offering a variety of routes & difficulty levels.


First Visit Checklist

  • Waiver –  Anyone climbing, belaying, operating an auto belay or taking a fitness class MUST have a valid waiver to participate. ALL who are UNDER 18, must have their waiver signed by their parent/legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Equipment –  We rent all the equipment that you will need for bouldering and top roping. If you are using your own gear, we require that you have a staff member check and approve it.
  • Cost – The best option for a typical first time climber is our Welcome Pack, $32 per person. This includes three Day Packages to dress you for success.


For more, please visit our FAQ page