fitness classes

No matter your fitness goal, our classes will help you perform at your best.

level 1

Full Body Strength

Push, pull and explode in this fun, full-body 45 minute workout. Combination exercises are a great way to burn more fat by moving more muscles.

Strength and mobility

Our beginner-friendly, body-weight class built for participants that are looking for a mix of mobility and strength training. It’s as much about getting strong as it is about getting pain free.

level 2

Hiit Fit

This is a fast paced, high-intensity class and is great if you’re short on time and are missing the cardio in your workout. With this class you will sweat it out and burn fat for up to 36 hours.

Handstand Hangout

Hang out with us upside down! In this fun class we will have you inverted in no time at all. If you’re already comfortable upside down, then this class will progress you to the next level of tricks and transitions.


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