Scout Groups


On our honor, we will do our best, to do our duty as a Climbing Gym that loves to support Scouts. Scouting organizations do great things; one of those things is introducing kids to climbing! To help make rock climbing events affordable for all scouting dens, packs, patrols and troops, we offer a special discounted rate for Scout Groups. These rates are for a 2 hour reservation that includes an orientation, harness rental and climbing. Discounted belay classes are available for participants 14 and older.

What’s Included

Each two hour group session includes:

  • 2 staff belayers,
  • Auto belay orientation for participants 12 & older,
  • Harness rental
  • Climbing


  • Up to 10 Climbers: $195 (includes harness rental and 2 Staff Belayers*)
  • 5 Additional Climbers: $80
  • Groups of 40+: Call for custom quote
To expedite the check-in and payment process, we require that Scout Climbing Packages be paid for as a whole, rather than individually.
An additional staff belayer will be provided for your group at no cost for every additional 10 climbers in your party.


  • Belay Class: $12/participant; 14 years or older. Class participants must arrive an hour before scheduled group time.
  • Shoe Rental: $5.50
  • Staff Belayer: $40 (reservation required)
  • Catering options available

Don’t forget that all participants under the age of 18 must have a participant agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to climb or belay. Check with your scout leader for a waiver specifically created for your group or click “Sign Waiver” below.

More group options

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  • After Hours