Yoga Classes

Climbing and yoga are a perfect match as you advance in your climbing. With yoga you gain:

  • Body Awareness: Yoga is known for its focus on body awareness and breath control, which translates to knowing how to use your body on the wall. When you need to accurately estimate the distance for move, proper awareness can increase that accuracy
  • Range of Motion: An increased rang of motion or flexibility is a key aspect when it comes to climbing. Whether trying to match your feet to a handhold or bring your hips closer to the wall, flexibility can provide you with a multitude of additional options on the wall. 
  • Injury Prevention: Yoga can be used to intervene and alleviate the effects of stress your body encounters on the wall.
  • Recovery: Going to a yoga class is a great way to stay active, increase your flexibility, and move your muscles just enough to boost recovery. 

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september, 2023