Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Yoga

Our vinyasa yoga is designed to ignite the breath while building complete body strength and flexibility. Students of all levels will experience a series of poses linked to intentional breathing to ignite heat to expel toxins and re-energize the body while relaxing the mind to improve overall energy flow. This vinyasa class is the perfect place to begin a yoga practice or to continue to find challenge in an existing practice.

We offer the Vinyasa yoga class:

  • Monday – 5:30PM

Class size is limited to 4 students, so each student receives personal attention and assistance from the instructor.


$5 Yoga for Members | [hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga-Member”]

$10 Yoga for Non-Members | [hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga—Non-Member”]

$15 Yoga Bundle for Non-Members (Day Package + Yoga) | [hc-hmw snippet=”Yoga-Bundle”]

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Once you’ve purchased any of our yoga packages give us a call at 615-661-9444 to register for a class.