Petzl Attache

As you all know, we have recently become a Petzl dealer. One of my first purchases was a pair of the ever so handsome Attache locking carabiners. Nobody really makes a big deal about carabiners, but I feel I must bring this one to your attention. I will start by proclaiming that I have never met a carabiner that looks so pretty. It is proof that when something is painted gold it just feels like so much more. Besides its good looks, its size and pear shape allow you to use this biner for pretty much anything climbing related. From a munter hitch to anchoring at the belay station, it fits and performs. The most common use for you around The Crag will be connecting to a belay device. A notable bonus to the Attache is the red “lock” indicator. Even the most experienced climber can benefit from a flashy reminder to lock it down. If you are in the market for a new locking carabiner look no further. It will be hard for me to ever use another.

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