Spring Climb Time Tunes


Spring is the special time of year when we all start to come out of the cold and flowers start to bloom. Just as the weather starts to change, so does the our mood and the music we listen to. Here is a list of the songs the Crag family uses to welcome the spring time.

T.K. – Little Brother (Dead to Me); Song Songs (Old Man Markley); Little Caney (Glossary)


When Spring hits I’m never quite sure what to do with the longer, warmer days. These songs sound like morning dew, bike rides, and the year’s first grill out. These are part of my planning soundtrack.


Ryan – Come With Me Now (KONGOS); Cardiac Arrest (Bad Suns); We Used to Vacation (Cold War Kids)


These songs remind me of riding in the car on a sunny, but chilly day with the windows down and the heat on.


Jonathan – Bruises (Chairlift); Pompeii (Bastille); Roll Away Your Stone (Mumford and Sons)


Bruises makes me think of the hopeful romantic aspect of spring. Pompeii has a feeling of energy that is renewed with the warmth of springtime. Roll Away Your Stone in name reminds me of the wondrous spring holiday of Easter.


Ben – Stay (Dave Matthews Band); Wild Child (Brett Dennen); I Don’t Wanna Wait (SOJA)


These songs remind me of the days when I don’t have too many plans, and I have some time to “Stay (wasting time)”. During those free times, I feel like a “wild child” where “I don’t Wanna Wait” to do fun activities like rock climbing, river floating, and mountain biking.


Alaina– Lookin’ Out My Backdoor (Creedence Clearwater Revival); Ragged Wood (Fleet Foxes); Scythian Empires (Andrew Bird)


These songs remind me of the care-free happiness that the spring season unfailingly delivers. The season’s warm weather rejuvenates all living things into a near frenzied state of aliveness. When I think of spring, I think of flowers breaking free from the cold winter soil, extra-loud song birds, and blissful people enjoying the outdoors as frequently as possible.


Newton – Catching On (Son Volt); Can’t Hardly Wait (The Replacements); Will You Return (The Avett Bros)


The songs I picked make me think of crisp mornings, driving down the road with the windows down and hanging out on patios on chilly nights with friends. They also have a sense of anticipation and joyful exuberance that feels like Spring to me.


Cameron – Sleepy Tigers (Her Space Holiday); Scissor Runner (Jenny and Johnny); Be My Thrill (The Weepies)


The songs I selected are all “love” songs. Whether ‘I like you so very much,’ reveling in the ‘thrill’ that a life long partner adds to life, or even falling for the rebellious side of a person who runs with scissors, these songs all portray a playful and fresh love that spring seems to bring about.


Chad – Build Me Up Buttercup (The Foundations); What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong); I Feel Good (James Brown)


These songs combine my favorite parts of this season: the awakening of new life, the warmth of the sunshine, the beginning of cycling season, and the smiles on peoples faces. Truly what a wonder this created world is for us to enjoy.


Christi – Ivory Road (King Charles); Three Little Birds (Bob Marley); Do You Remember (Jack Johnson)


Spring for me is a very happy time, sometimes a reflective time. It is a lighthearted season and each of these songs make me feel lighthearted and at ease.


Dylan – Salad Days (Mac Demarco); Blue Eyes (Middle Brother); Izzo (H.O.V.A.) (Jay-Z)


I chose all these songs because they’re great songs to drive to with the windows down. They’re upbeat and fun which makes them perfect for the Spring. Plus they’re perfect for a climbing playlist.


Stu – Amber (311); Princes Of The Universe (Queen); Graceland (Paul Simon)


Amber takes me back to old spring break days. No shirt no shoes, no worries. Chill from start to finish, just like a spring break should be!! Princes Of The Universe is a great way to start off a really early spring morning, dew on the grass, time for a run. This is a great song to shed the spring dew, and enjoy the sun! Graceland, I love this long because it’s one of my favorites but also because of it ability to never get old. Just like spring time!


Reed – Coming of Age (Foster the People); Classic (MKTO); Paris (Magic Man)


Spring brings warm weather and new opportunities. Being a high school student, it is a big deal as school begins to draw to a close and everyone is looking forward to what lies ahead. The songs I picked are light and fun and represent change and hope for the good times that lie ahead; these songs reflect my mood during the spring.


Matt: Iron Lion Zion (Santana); With Me (Cashmere Cat); Air Batacuda (Thievery Corporation)


My song choices for this playlist are made up of tunes that reflect happiness. You can’t beat a cover of Bob Marley’s Iron Lion Zion, especially when it’s done by Santana. Air Batucada is a staple song of mine that I play when the weather starts to warm up and the sun is shining. Top down, windows down, baby! Finally Cashmere Cat’s With Me is just an uplifting track that evolves and progressively gets prettier. You just can’t beat  these spring days.


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