Adult Bouldering League – 2014


The Summer 2014 season of The Crag’s Adult Bouldering League kicks off on June 10th. This season will follow a slightly different format than previous seasons. Competitors on three or four person teams will have six weeks to complete ten bouldering sessions for points. These sessions can be completed at your convenience by requesting a scorecard from a staff member at the front desk at the beginning of your visit. We will be hosting three Double Point Pint Nights (June 10, June 24, July 17) during the season, so make sure you save a few sessions for those.


If you don’t have a team, don’t worry; we will be happy to put one together for you. We will be awarding prizes for best individual male, best individual female, best team, and most improved climber. We will also be using a weighted points system to keep everyone on a competitive playing field (see below).



D1         V0-    V0     V1     V2     V3

D2         V0     V1     V2     V3     V4

D3         V1     V2     V3     V4     V5

D4         V2     V3     V4     V5     V6

D5         V3     V4     V5     V6     V7

D6         V4     V5     V6     V7     V8

Points    5       10     15     20      25


The grades in red are the V-scale grades that you climb comfortably while still putting forth effort. If you climb beyond your division, there is a 30 point bonus. 


The cost is $60 per three or four person team. The season begins on June 10th with a Double Point Pint Night and ends on July 17th with a Double Point Pint Night and awards ceremony. Registration is open, sign up today!

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