Staff Review – Evolv Addict



The Crag staff decided to put our pro deals to use and tried out one of Evolv’s newest shoes: The Addict. We had a lot of thoughts on this golden slipper. Check them out below.


Newton – The thing that immediately grabbed me about the Addict was the balance between a secure fit & comfort. I dropped a half size down from my regular shoe size, but got a great, comfortable fit right out of the box. I was surprised by how good the toe felt on the wall, especially in a non-agressive shoe. The Addict could avail itself equally in a bouldering session at the gym or a long day at the crag. I’d recommend it for all climbers looking for a comfortable, all purpose shoe.


T.K. – Historically, I haven’t been a fan of slippers. So trying out The Addict was an eye opener. In all my years of climbing I have yet to find another shoe that is truly comfortable with such a great toe. The heel feels as solid as any high performance shoe I’ve worn. They perform great on routes and boulder problems alike without having to peel them off after every climb. They have a short break in period, making them truly your own in a short time. They’re great for long sessions, making them ideal for my slow and steady style.


Ben – The Addict is a great all around shoe that really stretches and forms to the climbers feet.  Consistent tension from the toe to heel make the Addict a great vertical and slab climbing shoe. The slipper design make them suitable for boulder sessions as well as long days out at the crag.


Dylan – Since I started climbing I’ve always loved slippers/moccasins. These are no exception. The thing I like most about these is that, so far, the elastic has held the heel tight enough to pull off secure heel hooks. That was one of my bigger problems while wearing other moccasins. Besides that, these are an all around comfortable shoe that look good and really stick to the wall. For all those people with wide feet, I had to size mine the same as my street shoe. Lastly, the Addict is just a good looking slipper. I would definitely recommend trying on a pair next time you come to the gym!


Cameron – I had the opportunity to use these shoes for several days while in North Carolina. Climbing beautiful granite slabs and bouldering near Looking Glass, these shoes were awesome! I fit them a size and a half smaller than my street shoe size, which made for a tight fit. But once they were broken in, they had some great edging power. I’ll definitely be using these shoes a lot more in the future.


Chad – The Addicts have become my favorite warmup shoe. They are easy to get on and off and are very comfortable once they stretch out. While they are not super aggressive they are a great all around shoe for bouldering or sport climbing. The Trac rubber on these shoes is very sticky when you need it to be. Overall I would recommend this shoe for a great all around shoe. If you are looking for a more aggressive shoe or one that really digs in for heel hooks I would recommend looking at a different model.


Matt – The new Evolv Addicts are my first dive into the slipper realm of climbing shoes. I’ve been a lace up guy for most of my climbing years, but the first thing I noticed when I put these bad boys on was the fit. Unlike some velcros I’ve owned, I noticed my feet were securely snug into place and were still able to flex/move around without sacrificing being loose on the sides of my feet. This was definitely my favorite part, along with the way it pointed my toes at the end. To me it felt like the perfect balance of not being too aggressive nor too straight forward; a feature that I thought was only possible in my Miura lace ups. Overall, this is a great shoe. The features Evolv put into these shoes truly make this a standout shoe at an affordable cost point too, as it only hits the $99 mark. This is a great introductory shoe that still maintains features seasoned veterans would look for in a more aggressive shoe.

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