Around The Crag : Ryan Beiden

This edition of Around the Crag presents Ryan Beiden, a member here since 2010. Ryan is as talented at photography than he is climbing and is always finding new projects to undertake. Here’s a little more about the man behind the lens.




1. Where are you from?

Born and raised in Nashville.

2. How long have you been climbing?

It will be 5 years this September.

3. What do you love most about rock climbing?

I love getting to set personal goals for myself to achieve because it’s the greatest feeling to achieve them after hard work (for example, a problem that I have been working for a good bit of time, and finally giving it a solid send, you feel like you can do anything after!). I also really love the sense of adventure and adrenaline climbing gives me.

4. Other than climbing, what are your hobbies & interests?

Photography is my other main passion, slack lining, music, barista-ing.

5. Describe your perfect meal.

My perfect meal would be a peanut butter clif bar and an energy vitamin water.


6. Vacation time: mountains or beach? Defend your answer…

Mountains of course! It gives you feeling of being so small and just makes your jaw drop standing at the base of mountains. It makes it especially great if you get to climb that mountain. The beach is just water. They have that everywhere.

7. Describe your ideal climbing day in a tweet (140 characters or less).

Waking up in a hammock before the sun is up, drinking a nice cup of hot tea, driving to a boulder field with great friends, sending every route, leaving exhausted and sweaty, then finishing off the night with a giant cheese pizza feast and a root beer. (Editors’ Note: We’re working with Ryan to help him understand tweet length.)

8. Favorite outdoor climbing spot?

Little Rock City will forever be my favorite bouldering spot. Always clean, well maintained boulders, and only a two hour drive!

9. Are you on Twitter/Instagram/etc? If so, how can people find you?

Yes! @ryanbeiden for both.

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