Training Tips : Incorporating Yoga with Climbing

In this edition of training tips, we wanted to shed some light on how well yoga and climbing compliment each other. First, did you know that yoga compliments rock climbing? Prepare to gain some knowledge from Cayce Pegram, manager of Hot Yoga Plus in Cool Springs. She is going to explain how the two practices can work together and offer some poses that will help you loosen up those tight climber muscles.

“Any and all yoga serves as a nice compliment for climbing as it’s a lot about having openness in the hips to reach and secure with when you’re climbing. Yoga is great for strengthening the upper body using your own body weight. Sun Salutes or Sun As as we call them – work shoulders, chest, and the core and train the body to move with control and breath.

A great sequence to practice for opening the wrists and forearms and unknotting the back is from a table top position externally rotate both arms until your fingers point towards your knees. Put a tiny bend in your elbows and do cat and cow.

Yoga not only works the physical body, but the word “yoga” actually means to unite mind and body. The practice of yoga helps us to find focus and stillness among the distractions – whether they are outward or just the chatter in the mind. Yoga uses the power of the mind to strengthen the body. I can imagine rock climbing takes great concentration and mental skill, and a yoga practice would serve as a great tool for climbers to advance in that area as well.”

If you’re looking for more tips on how rock climbing and yoga relate, check out The Clymb’s post on 7 easy poses to help aid your climbing.

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