Get Outside

From The Field: Ode To LRC

  In early January, while out of school for the holidays, Zach Edwards, Darden Shadrach, Alex Wiseman and myself made the drive to Stone Fort in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. As many of you who are more familiar with climbing know, … Read MoreRead More

Get Outside – Where To Go In Tennessee

  We live in one beautiful state, don’t we? It’s completely understandable to ask where you should go to experience Tennessee’s glory. Thanks to the folks over at Roots Rated, it is far easier to find your next destination. You … Read More

Get Outside – Beyond The Gym

  Climbing recently posted an article regarding the ethics and education of our growing climbing community, new and old. It holds some good thoughts for the seasoned veterans in our community as well as those of us that are just … Read More

Get Outside – You Too Can Climb Yosemite

  From the moment you begin your climbing career, odds are you also began thinking about climbing in Yosemite. North American climbing legends were forged there. The rating system we use for routes was named after the place. So it … Read More