Weekend Inspiration: Movember High Five

High five everyone with a Movember mustache!

Weekend Inspiration: Carbondale Short Bus

Carbondale Short Bus (5.14- ) Indian Creek, Utah. Video from Patagonia.

From The Field: Katie’s First Outdoor Trip

Katie finally got to experience climbing outside! Here are her reflections and, yes, sketches of the experience.   Foster Falls Y’all   Up until a few weeks ago, I had never climbed outside. It’s unfortunate, really, but it had just … Read MoreRead More

ABS Competition Recap

Thanks to everyone that joined us for Saturday’s USA Climbing American Bouldering Series climbing competition! We’ve posted the final scores and some of our favorite pictures from the comp below. To see more pictures from the comp or to share … Read MoreRead More

Weekend Inspiration: Patience for the Craft

We know it’s a bitter sweet feeling when you see the ‘bouldering section closed’ signs. Thanks to all our members for your patience while we crafted the next batch of bouldering problems. You were our inspiration, and always are.

Weekend Inspiration: The Tail-Wagger

Controversial around outdoor crags, yet always proven to be a best friend. This one is named Blue.

Join the Cause: Movember & Sons

The mustache seems to keep popping up around The Crag, and for good reason. For the past two years The Crag has been proud to host a team of Movember Mobros/Mosistas and this year will be no different. For those … Read MoreRead More

Adult Bouldering League – Final Standings

As the dust settles on the inaugural season of The Crag’s Adult Bouldering League, we want to first say thanks to everyone who participated. It was great seeing such a high level of community and camaraderie as everyone climbed and socialized … Read MoreRead More

Weekend Inspiration: The First Timer

There is nothing like that first time climbing outside. If this hasn’t happened for you yet, come talk to us. That’s what we’re here for.

Adult Bouldering League – Week 5 Standings

Everyone brought their “A” game on the fifth night of ABL. With one more night left in the season it is no surprise that ABL members are already back in the gym today preparing for their last three sends. We … Read MoreRead More