Youth League FAQs

Which team should my climber register for?
Register your climber for elementary league if they’re in elementary school, middle school league if in middle school, and high school if they’re in high school. If your climber is curious about the USA league, talk to their coach and we’ll schedule an evaluation. 
How do we join the USA league? 
If your climber is curious about the USA league, talk to their coach and we’ll schedule an evaluation. Email [email protected] to learn more.
How much does it cost?
Youth league climbers will have a membership and a youth league pack added to their account. These range from $26-$50 depending on how many children you have practicing and how many days a week.
Are practices rescheduled in the case of inclement weather?
No, we adhere to the williamson county schools recommendations. If they’re out, we’re out too. Your climbers are welcome to come “project” routes those days. 
Can I help belay during practice?
Belay certified parents are welcome to help belay! The more belayers, the more kids climb!
Can my climber belay or boulder outside of practices?

Coaches must approve and note your climber’s privileges in their profiles. Talk to your climber’s coach about how to work towards these certifications.  

What gear do we need?

Boulder climbers need shoes, and liquid chalk is recommended.Highwall climbers will benefit from having their own climbing shoes and harnesses. Our staff is happy to outfit your climber. Gear packages are also available to add to your account.

Does my climber have to compete?

Competitions are optional, and a great way for climbers to measure their growth. Climbers who choose to compete will be on an individual level.

Are there prizes for competitions?

There will be an award ceremony after the season of competitions are complete. Fall season climbers compete on the boulder and Spring Season climbers compete on the highwall.

Will there be practice on holidays?

We adhere to the Williamson County Schools calendar. If they’re out, we’re out. 

Can my climber go to both locations?


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