In the Bag

In The Bag: Chris Roos

  Our friend and Bighorn Society coach Chris Roos is on his way up to Shawangunk Ridge, better known as the Gunks, this weekend for a few days of climbing. The Gunks are the land of 5 star routes under … Read MoreRead More

In The Bag: Ben Rankin

Ben Rankin: Climber. Aspiring dirt bagger. Above average dancer. We were curious to see what The Crag’s favorite free spirit carried with him as he headed out for adventure, so we asked him to do an In The Bag feature … Read MoreRead More

In The Bag: Kidder

  Not everyone has had the chance to meet Michael Kidder; those people are missing out. As he likes to tell people, he introduced Newton to the sport of climbing a while back and is one of The Crag’s founding … Read MoreRead More

In The Bag: Danny

It’s a well known fact that climbers are obsessed with their gear. It just comes with the territory. Though the basic essentials for a day/weekend/week/month/lifetime of climbing is mostly the same, each climber has his/her own preferences and specific style. … Read MoreRead More