In The Bag: Chris Roos

  Our friend and Bighorn Society coach Chris Roos is on his way up to Shawangunk Ridge, better known as the Gunks, this weekend for a few days of climbing. The Gunks are the land of 5 star routes under … Read MoreRead More

In The Bag: Kidder

  Not everyone has had the chance to meet Michael Kidder; those people are missing out. As he likes to tell people, he introduced Newton to the sport of climbing a while back and is one of The Crag’s founding … Read MoreRead More

Weekend Inspiration: Burpee Pull Ups

Burpee Pull Ups – Metolius 3D Simulator series. from Pat Goodman on Vimeo. A tip of the hat to our new friend Pat Goodman, who put on a great presentation at Mountain High Outfitters this Wednesday. Have fun with your … Read More

Welcome, Metolius and Petzl!

Something all climbers can bond over is the draw to the latest and greatest gear. In a young industry like climbing, the gear companies are always working towards better functionality, improved safety, and new innovations. Two brands that are leading … Read MoreRead More