Weekend Inspiration

Take Hold

Our friends from SoiLL came down for a visit this summer while we were building the South Nashville location to shoot some video of some of their new holds and products. We took the opportunity to shoot some video of … Read More

A Little Girl and a Life Lesson

This is a guest post from Michael Kidder, one of the behind-the-scenes folks at The Crag. It initially appeared on his LinkedIn profile, and he’s been kind enough to let us share it with you. Enjoy! -Newton THE STAGE: Last … Read More

Weekend Inspiration: Rocktown

  Usually overlooked by the more popular bouldering area Stone Fort (Little Rock City), Rocktown is just a sure shot away from Chattanooga. Containing some of the best sandstone in the Southeast, in addition to the multitude of slopers, rails, … Read More

Weekend Inspiration: Hospital Boulders

If you’re needing a change of scenery for some climbing this weekend, try checking out the Hospital Boulders located in Gadsden, Alabama. Purchased in 2012 by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC), the Hospital Boulders combine the best of Stone Fort, Rocktown, and … Read More

Weekend Inspiration: Yosemite

Yosemite. The word alone elicits a reaction from climbers and adventure seekers across the globe. From El Capitan to Half Dome, Yosemite National Park is 1200 square miles of wild beauty in the heart of the Sierra Nevadas. Granite monoliths reaching toward the heavens, … Read More

Weekend Inspiration – “First Light”

Getting the house ready for the holidays can be a tough assignment. Fortunately, these climbers have documented just how difficult this task can be. We hope it speaks to you as much as it did to us.  

Weekend Inspiration: Do Work

Joe Kinder is one of our favorite climbers. He has fun, loves rock climbing and is constantly working on new lines and projects, including Maquina Muerte (5.14+), a line that he bolted and worked for over two years. Joe got … Read More


  Once a year pro skateboarder Heath Kirchart and his friend Jeff Vallee make it a point to take on an outdoor sport they’ve never done before and share their stories on their blog We’re Really Doing It. Not too … Read More

Weekend Inspiration

AWAKENING | NEW ZEALAND 4K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.   Sometimes all it takes to get outside and find your next adventure is a glimpse of where you could be. Hopefully this look at New Zealand’s … Read More

Weekend Inspiration – Kasia Pietras

Check out this video of Kasia Pietras crushing Red Rocks.