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Holiday Specials 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start shopping for your climber! We’ve made it easy this year with PLENTY of great deals! Scroll below to check ’em out, plus view our holiday hours here. Chalk Bag Starter Pack – … Read More

Winter Shoe Picks

Winter is coming and we know you all are ready for those perfect climbing temperatures! Are you ready with the right shoes? Check out this guide on our top picks for climbing shoes this winter!   Evolv Spark   A … Read More

How To Shop For A Climber

  Someone recently bitten by the climbing bug might have a wish list filled with nothing but climbing related equipment, gadgets, and reading material. Naturally, we want to nurture our climbers, but what is on the list that they are … Read More

Choosing the right Belay Device/Carabiner setup

When it comes to belay devices and carabiners, climbers have more options now than ever before. Luckily, we here at The Crag are going to help you get through the process of choosing the right Carabiner/Belay Device setup with this … Read More

Picking the right harness

With so many different options for harnesses, it can be daunting to choose the right one for you. Here at The Crag we’ve decided to give you a guide breaking down the features of the harnesses we offer here, the … Read More

Community Spotlight – Little Harpeth Brewing

Our friends and fellow beer sponsor Little Harpeth Brewing have been growing quite rapidly in the past few years. They continue to put out great tasting beer and push initiatives to be environmentally friendly throughout their brewing process all the way to … Read More

De-Stinkify Your Shoes

Our friends over at The Clymb gave some awesome tips on how to rid your climbing shoes of that oh-so-familiar nasty smell you’ve been cooking up. Read below to find some ways to fight it.   Dragon foot. The sweet, … Read More

USA Climbing: Bouldering Recap

We at The Crag would like to extend our thanks to everyone that came out to our USA Climbing: Bouldering Local. It was exciting to see such a strong turn out from all age groups. Special thanks to all of … Read More

Pro Shop Profile : Static Handmade Climbing Bags

Our friends Static Handmade Climbing Bags have only been in the chalk bag game for a year, but within that year they have grown to amazing new heights. Stationed out in San Diego, CA, Static has been taking over the climbing … Read More

Training Tips : Incorporating Yoga with Climbing

In this edition of training tips, we wanted to shed some light on how well yoga and climbing compliment each other. First, did you know that yoga compliments rock climbing? Prepare to gain some knowledge from Cayce Pegram, manager of … Read More